Works extensively with Iranian women outside the country and maintains a permanent contact with women inside Iran. The Women’s Committee is actively involved with many women's rights organizations and NGO's and the Iranian diaspora. The committee is a major source of much of the information received from inside Iran with regards to women. Attending UN Human Rights Commission meetings and other international or regional conferences on women’s issues, and engaging in a relentless battle against the Iranian regime's misogyny are part of the activities of members and associates of the committee.

The State-run Javan Daily protested to female soloists singing in ceremonies of the month of Moharam and wrote: ‘Ashura operas’ with the performance of female soloists in the Vahdat Hall is a sample of the weakness of the artistic Ashura uprising performance

On the morning of 3 August 2015, four vehicles belonging to security entities, based on a warrant from the Evin court, referred to the home of Amin Anvari Rostami, a civil activist and student of Amir Kabir University,

A woman in Tehran doused herself with gasoline and set herself on fire, ending her life. Bystanders saw the burnt corpses of a 42-year-old woman in one of the alleys of Vanak district. According to her husband, there were many problems that led to her suicide.

Ms. Tahereh Zia'ii was arrested in the morning of Tuesday, October 20, 2015, in front of her house in Isfahan. She was subsequently taken to the prison of Yazd (central Iranian province).

Reyhaneh Haj Ibrahim Dabbagh, Evin political prisoner, is suffering from serious pains in intestines.

Born in 1981, Ms. Dabbagh was arrested during the protests in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

In a panel discussion organized by the presidential directorate on Women and Family Affairs, Jaleh Shadi-Talab presented the results of her research done in 2007 on some 300 prostitutes in Tehran.

Tehran province’s punishment patrols began their rounds Monday morning, October 19, by inspecting some women’s beauty parlors in north Tehran.

“In the past, we received reports on the birth of three to four addicted infants in a month, but unfortunately, with the rise in the number of children born by cardboard-sleeping parents, we receive reports of two births (of addicted children) every day.

The phenomenon of small girls being wedded off has become very common in Iran. In the most recent such case on October 18 the state-run website posted a report citing Khorasan daily,

Ahmad Zargar, secretary of the Headquarter to Enjoin Virtue and Prohibit Vice, said the scope of crackdown against women and youths in Iran’s society are very widespread.