Works extensively with Iranian women outside the country and maintains a permanent contact with women inside Iran. The Women’s Committee is actively involved with many women's rights organizations and NGO's and the Iranian diaspora. The committee is a major source of much of the information received from inside Iran with regards to women. Attending UN Human Rights Commission meetings and other international or regional conferences on women’s issues, and engaging in a relentless battle against the Iranian regime's misogyny are part of the activities of members and associates of the committee.

Women in History

Florence Nightingale was a celebrated English social reformer and statistician, and the founder of modern nursing.

Domna Samiou (October 12, 1928 –March 10, 2012) was a prominent Greek researcher and performer of Greek folk music. She received her first formal musical training from Simon Karas.

Lorna Wing, OBE, FRCPsych (October 7, 1928 –June 6, 2014) was an English psychiatrist. She was a pioneer in the field of childhood developmental disorders who advanced understanding of autism worldwide, a leader in her field who introduced the term Asperger Syndrome and was involved in founding the National Autistic Society (NAS) in the UK.

Fannie Lou Hamer (October 6, 1917 – March 14, 1977) was an American voting rights activist, a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, and philanthropist who worked primarily in Mississippi.

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva (October 8, 1892 –August 31, 1941) was a Russian and Soviet poet. Her work is considered among some of the greatest in twentieth century Russian literature.

Grazia Maria Cosima Damiana Deledda (September 28, 1871 –August 15, 1936) was an Italian writer who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926. She was the first Italian woman to receive this honor.

Phyllis Isobella Pearsall MBE (September 25, 1906 –August 28, 1996) was a British painter and writer who founded the Geographers' A-Z Map Company. She created London's first popular indexed street map.

Ellen Church (September 22, 1904 – August 22, 1965) was the first female flight attendant.

Church was born in Cresco, Iowa. After graduating from Cresco High School, Church studied nursing and worked in a San Francisco hospital. She was a pilot and a registered nurse.

Helen Foster Snow (September 21, 1907 – January 11, 1997) was an American journalist who reported from China in the 1930s under the name Nym Wales on the developing Chinese Civil War, the Korean independence movement and the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Sarah Louise "Sadie" Delany (September 19, 1889 – January 25, 1999) was an African-American educator and civil rights pioneer who was the subject, along with her younger sister Elizabeth "Bessie" Delany, of the New York Times bestselling oral history, Having Our Say, by journalist Amy Hill Hearth.