Mullahs to hire women to suppress opposition protests

NCRI- A senior commander of Iranian regime’s repressive State Security Forces says the force will include women units which “will be transformed to operational battalions in the times of crisis” and “riots,” state-run media reported on Saturday.

Hassan Karami, the commander of Special Forces units in SSF said that: “The plan for using women agents in Special Forces was proposed earlier this year” and “their areas of duty will include reconnaissance, making arrests, transfer and interrogation of detainees.”

urrently the Iranian regime plans to have one women unit.  Karami said that “if we do not succeed in having the unit by the end of current year (ending late March), we will certainly have such a unit next year. He said the force will also include a special unit for “countering the riots.”

The decision is seen as an act of intimidation to counter anti-regime street protests.  Iranian women played a big role during the 2009 uprisings.