Women’s Day 2013 – Hiam Zehlora

Hiam Zehlora – Syrian Activist

In my short experience and 3 arrests during the Syrian revolution, I had the opportunity to work in the Syrian resistance. Today there  are many Syrian women fighters whose faces are deep in my heart… the death toll in Syrian and women who died have reached more than 3,100.

Most of them have died in the bombings, but the issue is beyond numbers; it’s about the right to life. In Edre Prison and while I was out of prison, a little girl said in my ears, “Do not forget me!” This has stayed with my soul.

There are many women in  prisons under torture living under the threat of death. The struggle against the Iranian regime is the same struggle against Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria. We are in one stronghold today; the struggle against oppression. We resist against airplanes that bomb Syrian cities and bomb Camp Liberty in Iraq. They are the martyrs of oppression. Oppression is oppression. Today we call for an urgent action against this violent and planned massacre on us in Syria and Iraq, against Iranians and Syrians.