Iran: Female students banned from education for following Baha’i faith

During the 2013-2014 academic year, authorities in Iranian universities banned six Baha’i students from continuing their education. Two female Baha’i students were denied education at Shiraz and Qazvin universities (respectively central and northwestern Iran) in July 2013.
A second semester student of English literature at Shiraz Payame Noor University, Ayda Bandi, was banned from education in early July 2013.

In late November, Azmita Momtaz was dismissed from Shiraz University and in late December, Nilissa Yahyavi was told that her student records were flawed.
Setayesh Asadi and Sama Hashemi, two other Baha’i female students in Mazandaran University (northern Iran) were expelled in the last days of the Pesian year. Sama Hashimi was studying management.

According to a law passed by the Revolutionary Supreme Council of Culture, only those following the religions stipulated in the constitution (Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism), will have the right to attend Iran’s universities. Many Baha’is were banned from education on those grounds. (Kurdpa website- Mar. 26, 2014)