Iran: Guidance Patrol in book show

Simultaneous with the 27th International Book Exhibit in Tehran, Guidance Patrol agents showed up at the Tehran prayer hall and gave warnings to some visitors. During recent years, the State Security Forces’ Moral Security Unit and Guidance Patrol have confronted mal-veiled woman outside concerts, shopping centers, book exhibitions, airports, etc. so much that at one point, mal-veiled persons were not allowed to enter the concerts.

The Chastity and Veiling Plan was first passed by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in 2003, according to which 26 ministries, organizations and executive systems were tasked to implement certain principles to spread the culture of chastity and veiling.
It was initiated as ‘the Morale Security Plan’ in 2005 and the State Security Force, with 23 tasks, has been its main enforcer since.

(ISNA state-run news agency- Apr. 30, 2014)