Iran: Mother speaks about daughter on death row

Etemad Newspaper has published an interview with Reyhaneh Jabbari’s mother. The interview is as follows:

Q: Are your other children older or younger than Reyhaneh?

A: Reyhaneh is my first child. I have three girls. My youngest daughter is studying accounting. My second oldest daughter girl is an MS student and Reyhaneh was a second year student of computer software.

Q: How was your daughter arrested?                                              

A: Reyhaneh came home at 8 p.m. She was extremely gloomy. I had never seen my daughter like that in my whole life. She went to work in the morning and called me midday to say that Dr. Sarbandi had called her to set up an appointment for Reyhaneh to visit his office. I told her to quickly cancel the appointment and come home because it was not good for her to see a stranger.

Q: Campaigns have been formed on social networks in support of your daughter and this has even been broadcasted in some satellite networks. Had you asked them for help?

A: One day I heard a foreign radio speaking about Reyhaneh. I tried to find our lawyer Mr. Mostafa’i, but I did not succeed. I did not have access to our lawyer anymore. During this time many foreign media from Spain, USA, Canada and others left me messages asking for an interview but I refused.

Q: Has the verdict implementation unit of the Criminal Prosecution Bureau announced any specific time for carrying out the sentence?

A: No, they have not told us anything. They also have not said anything about halting the verdict.

Q: What do your motherly feelings say about the destiny of your daughter?

A: I do not feel pessimistic. In the bottom of my heart, I feel that my daughter will return to me. I pray for that with all my heart. My only request from God is that my child is returned to me. If she does come back, I will dedicate everything in my ability to her until the end of my life. If she does not, I will prove to everyone that her execution was wrong.

(Asre Iran state-run paper- May. 2, 2014)