Marrying stepchild is possible in Iran

On March 26, a state-run source, Khabar Online studied the issue of marriage with stepchildren and held a round table discussion with Mohammad Ismaeel Saeedi, member of the Parliament’s Social Committee, Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Reza Dorrani, professor of religious studies, and Hassan Kia, jurist.

Dorrani said, “A girl who has no custodian is under the wardenship of the Sharia Judge. He can decide about her, considering her interests and corruptions. It is upon the Sharia Judge to decide whether it is in her interest to marry her stepfather, and is not arguable.”

Saeedi, member of the Parliament’s social committee stipulated, “During the recent years we had three cases where the stepfather married the daughter without a court ruling. Of course there were some problems afterwards and psychologists wrote some articles.”

Dorrani, professor of religious studies added, “Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi says that if it is a girl the correct way is to temporarily marry him to the father of that man so she can be intimate with the man as his stepmother. If it is a boy he has no way but having been nursed by the woman’s sister or mother before the age of two.”

Dorrani ended by emphasizing, “Sharia marriage does not specify an age for adoption or maturity. Even a baby can be married in the Sharia way.”

(Khabar on line – Mar 26, 2014)