Iran: Sahar Mahabadi on death row: I don’t want to die!

Sahar Mahabadi, 28, who has been sentenced to death on the charges of premeditated murder of her husband, wrote in a message…

“Does anyone know what growing old at a young age means? Does anyone know how a person on death row feels when it’s nighttime? My father told me yesterday that he is willing to be executed instead of me; what kind of a world is this? I was raised in poverty and I gave in to marriage in dire circumstances.

Living under a roof with a man while we didn’t understand each other led to constant chaos and anger. I always kept this rage to myself until that day when I saw the blade of a knife and in my fear and panic reached for it. I have been living under the shadow of a noose for several years. They might carry out my execution any day now. I don’t want to die; who do I have to tell this to? Is there anyone that hears my cry for help?”