NCRI Women’s Committee Monthly Report – August 2014

NCRI Women’s Committee Monthly Report – August 2014

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We witnessed the blatant face-off between the mullahs’ regime against Iranian women and repeated positions taken by Iranian officials to impose mandatory hijab and gender segregation in offices and public areas in the month of August. This began with gender segregation being imposed in the Tehran municipality and this measure is now spreading. Government agents and security forces stormed into streets more than ever this month, cracking down on women under the pretext of inappropriate hijab and clothing. The immediate result of this flagrant repression was increasing pressure on young women, pushing them towards poverty, addiction, corruption and finally suicide and self-immolation.
A renowned Iranian poet, Ms. Simin Behbahani also passed away due to heart attack. The misogynist mullahs’ regime did not allow her burial to be carried out as she had requested and the ceremony became a scene of social confrontation.

Systematic violation of right to life
Execution and death sentences

The number of executions of women under Rouhani’s tenure to the end of August reached 19.
On Thursday, August 7th, a detained woman was hanged in Kermanshah Central Prison in a group execution.
On Saturday, August 9th, a mother was executed along with her son, amongst 5 others hanged in Zahedan Central Prison. A detained woman was also among those executed on August 23rd in Zahedan Central Prison. Another woman was hanged on the morning of August 27th in the courtyard of Kerman’s
Shahab Prison.

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