Iran: New law charges Basij force with enforcing dress code

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s parliament approved a bill on Sunday officially putting the members of the Basij paramilitary force in charge of enforcing dress code in Iran and harassing and repressing women and youth in public under the pretext of “Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice”.

Article 19 of the bill approved states that members of the Basij Organization are required to verbally ‘promote virtue and prevent vice’…

The law which passed with a majority would institutionalize the work of members of the Basij paramilitaries that often patrol streets to enforce dress code and other behavior prescribed under the clerical regime’s misogynist laws.

The new law bolsters the work of Basij members that often patrol streets, and stop cars to interrogate couples about their relationships, to the resentment of many Iranians.

Furthermore, according to Article 20 of the bill, it requires all executive offices, institutions, privately owned companies and public service centers to obey this law.

The bill was approved by a majority of 237 lawmakers, with only 12 member opposing it.

The new law comes at the time that the Iranian people continue to protest against the recent wave of acid attacks in Iran carried out by state-sponsored gangs.

Acid attacks that targeted many young women and girls left them with severe burns and injuries, with some losing their eyesight and at least one person reported killed, began after the Iranian regime’s parliament began reviewing bills empowering the Basij paramilitaries.

Meanwhile, in a conference in Paris on Saturday, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran, reviewing the despicable human rights record of the Iranian regime during the presidency of Hassan Rouhani, including the wave of acid-attacks against women, said that this regime cannot survive without them executing the youth and suppressing women since it is very fragile and fearful of popular uprising.

Mrs. Rajavi reiterated that Western governments’ silence on escalating human rights violations in Iran and the mullahs’ exportation of mass terror in the region in order to obtain the clerical regime’s agreement in the talks has only resulted in emboldening the Iranian regime.