Segments of inheritance law under mullahs’ misogynist regime

The state-run Mashreq news website published segments of the reactionary inheritance law under the mullahs’ regime in relation to women. The following is to provide an understanding of the depth of this regime’s animosity towards women, although this is just the tip of the iceberg.

– If the wife has a joint child with her deceased husband, she is entitled to one eighth of his inheritance. If the man has three or four wives, this one eighth is divided amongst them. If a woman doesn’t have a child from her husband, she is entitled to a fourth of the inheritance.

If a woman was involved in a temporary marriage with a deceased man, she receives no inheritance from her husband. Even if the deceased has specified that she should receive inheritance in his will, the document will serve no legal value.

Other excerpts of this law sheds light on further aspects of the mullahs’ mindset. This articles reads: If a woman dies and has no heir, her husband receives all of her inheritance. If a husband dies and has no heir, the wife receives the same one fourth of her husband’s inheritance, and the remaining will be given to the state.

(NCRI Women’s Committee – April 21, 2015)