Iran: IRGC responsible for my daughter’s life, mother says

The mother of Atena Daemi, an imprisoned activist, wrote a short letter about her daughter’s conditions in detention emphasizing the Revolutionary Guards are responsible for her daughter’s deteriorating conditions.

Atena’s mother wrote, “On 16 August I went to see Atena. The moment that I saw her I could see the sorrow in her eyes. I kept on insisting but she didn’t tell me why. In words with her sister, I realized the prison clinic has told Atena the symptoms of her illness are signs of MS and she needs to be checked by a medical specialist.

“There is no possible way to have medical specialist checkups in prison. Authorities have also refused to allow her to receive any treatment.”

Atena’s mother Masoumeh Nemati stressed, “10 months ago, my daughter was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards. Since then, I have received various reports about her illness. I say it now that the IRGC and Khodabakhshi, the prison’s assistant prosecutor are responsible for Atena’s life.”

Atena Daemi was arrested at her home on Tuesday, October 15, 2014. The charges raised against this civil activist are assembly and collusion against the state, insulting the “leader” and sanctities, opposing mandatory hijab and opposing executions.”