Zeinali family is more defiant to back down after such measures, daughter says

Following the publication of news regarding the arrest and vicious beating of Hashem Zeinali, the father of Saeed Zeinali, Behnaz – his daughter – took to Facebook and posted the following text:

“This time, it’s my father…

Today, as scheduled each Saturday, my father went to Evin Prison to ask his 17-year pending question of ‘Where is my Saeed?’. He had a picture of Saeed to his chest when he was arrested. With a huge smile on his face, he said: It’s better, I will go inside and say what I have to say. That is exactly what I am here for… The Zeinali family is more defiant than this to back down in the face of such measures. They should have learned this in the past 17 years.

For our family, we have endured the grievance of Saeed’s absence for too long. Be ashamed of yourselves and release my father…”

Note: Saeed Zeinali was taken for questioning seventeen years ago by agents of the Revolutionalry Guards and never returned home.