Soraya Abolfathi

A woman, executed with her unborn child

Soraya Abolfathi was a brave woman who was slain by the Iranian regime in the city of Tabriz (northwestern Iran) while she was pregnant.

 Soraya was majoring in biology at Tabriz University when she was sentenced to death by Moussavi, a cleric, immediately after she slapped him for making an absurd request from her.

 The majority of women and girls who survived Tabriz Prison have written and documented the many atrocities they witnessed and emphasized the kinds of torture and violations of human rights that were carried out against them in this prison.

 Moussavi Tabrizi, the notorious henchman who was previously in charge of a so-called religious court in Tabriz, would suggest to temporarily marry any girl or woman for 3 hours before proceeding with their trials. Most of the women who were sentenced in 1988 received heavy sentences, including execution for not succumbing to his evil propositions despite having not committed any offenses or any charges filed against them.

 One of Soraya’s cellmates recalled her bravery and resistance during the last moments of her life, and wrote: “Soraya was taken for execution at 11 pm when we suddenly heard her yell, ‘We are going now…long live Rajavi! Hail to the PMOI! To Allah we belong and to him we shall return” (Quran 2:156). Moments later we heard gunshots. The officer in charge quickly returned to our hallway, very pale. ‘What did Soraya say?’ I asked. He answered, ‘she chanted a slogan and told us to shoot her as fast as we can because she couldn’t wait to leave.’”

 In a very emotional letter addressed to her husband, Soraya wrote, “A member of the PMOI, is one whose love for life is beyond personal feelings, one who is fully dedicated to bringing warmth and light to the life of others. A member of the PMOI is inspired to promote growth and development for society and pushes for this in hopes of attaining every beauty in life, filled with love and humanity. For this reason, one sacrifices his/her life to give love and affection to society to improve and purify people from uselessness, harm, and evil and this is why he/she can easily endure the pain and suffering that accompanies the hardships of this struggle for freedom and embrace’s his/her own sacrifice to achieve his/her goal.”

 Sorraya was a few months pregnant when she was executed at the age of 20.