Nazanin Azimzadeh

Iranian National Gymnastics Champion

Member of the Iranian National Gymnastics Team

Place of Birth: Gorgan

Date of Birth: 1962

Date of Martyrdom: 1981

Place of martyrdom: Tehran

Nazanin Azimzadeh, a gymnastics champion, was executed by the Iranian regime in 1981, when she was only 19 years old.

Nazanin was one of the six women who were initial members of the Iranian National Gymnastics team, which was assembled in Gorgan city after monumental efforts. However, instead of appreciating the sportswomen, the Iranian regime executed national champions like Nazanin, only to extend its rule. The history of Iranian sports has been covered with the blood of title holders and champions who were tortured and executed because of their opposition to the mullahs’ regime.

The resistance of these heroines has only strengthened the cause of the Iranian women for a free and democratic country. A day will come when Iranian women will wipe this misogynistic regime off the beautiful country of the sun and the lion and can freely participate in the activities and sports of their choice.

A few pictures are left of this national champion.