Marzieh Nabavi: We are the architects of future

My name is Marzieh. I grew up in Chashm village in Semnan, north of Iran. There, women cannot actively pursue education, because of all the restrictions and biases.

In my village most women have to work to be able to feed their family. You can always see women working in farms and in the fields.  I was one of them.

Here in Camp Liberty, I keep thinking of them all the time. When I was leaving, despite all the difficulties and prejudices, they were still hopeful for a great future, because they trust in me and my friends here in Camp Liberty.

This is the meaning of our struggle. Here in Camp Liberty, we are the architects of a future that would be the answer to all the hopes and desires expressed in their looks. A future that would be the answer to all their dreams…

In this picture, I am working with electrical and electronic instruments. I am designing an equipment. With the help of my friends, we manufacture whatever tools we have here in Camp Liberty. *

In believe men and women are equal in their mental and technical abilities. Women can specialize in any field just as men do. Human beings are humans regardless of their gender and their lives become meaningful with the same egalitarian aspirations.  This was my ambition when I joined the Resistance and I can see how well it is being represented in Camp Liberty.

I love my struggle and what I do. I am looking forward to a day when I can be back in my village, Chashm, and be able to use my experience to build a better future for my people. I endure every difficulty in the hope that one day I can see their smile. I will fight as hard as needed, until I can see them delightful and prosperous.

I believe that the day of victory is very close. I know there will be a day that I would see joy and happiness of my people and the little girls in Chashm.

*Camp Liberty is under siege and Iraqi forces do not allow any equipment or tools in the camp. So the residents have to make their own tools to fulfill their needs.