Women in History – 29 September

Sorayya Abolfat’hi

1981-Sorayya Abolfat’hi was born in 1961 in Tabriz. She was 4 years old, when her father, a supporters of Mohammad Mossadegh, died.

In 1979, she started her activity with the Muslim Student Society in association with the PMOI in Tabriz. She loved her people and wished them to have freedom and live in prosperity.

She was pregnant at the time of arrest, but was very resistant under torture and was ultimately executed by the mullahs’ regime.

 Shafaii family


1981- Freedom-loving woman, Effat Khalifeh-Sultan, a teacher and mother of five, was executed along with her husband, Dr. Morteza Shafaii, and her son, Majid, in Isfahan for supporting the PMOI.

After a few months, her two remaining sons, her daughter, Maryam, and her son-in-law were executed by the Khomeini regime.






Masoumeh Azdanloo

1981– Masoumeh Azdanloo was born in Tehran in 1959.

She entered the University of Science and Technology in 1977 and graduated in Industrial Engineering. After the Iranian Revolution, she joined the PMOI and began her activities for freedom in Iran.

On March 13, 1981, Massoumeh and her husband were attacked by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards at their residence. Her husband died in the confrontation. Massoumeh, 4 months pregnant at the time, had been shot in the neck and was in coma at the time of arrest.

Massoumeh underwent severe torture during her six months of captivity, as a result of which she suffered a miscarriage and was no longer able to walk, talk or eat. It was in such a condition, that she was executed by the clerical regime in Iran.