New document reveals execution of 13-year-old girls in Iran

New Document Reveals Execution of 13-Year-Old Girls in Iran

A letter by Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri published on September 27, 2016, reveals horrific crimes committed by the clerical regime’s judiciary against unarmed 13-year-old girls in 1981.

The letter dated September 27, 1981, is addressed to Khomeini. Montazeri wrote in his letter:

“The Supreme Judiciary Council and as a result, the Revolutionary Courts, are acting weakly to the extent that the honest and committed staff who are working there complain that the ongoing conditions in the Evin Prison and many prisons in other cities are absolutely horrible and very disconcerting as pressures and unbearable tortures are on the rise.

“There are arbitrary executions which are probably carried out without the verdict of any religious judge, without their information or despite their opposition. And in the absence of coordination among courts in issuing the sentences, the verdicts are affected by the reaction to the atmosphere, feelings or anger and even girls who are only 13 or 14 years of age are executed without them using arms or participating in any demonstration.”

Of course, Montazeri intended to pretend that Khomeini was unaware of the events so that he would have an open hand in bringing up the issues. Whereas in reality, the executions were being carried out on Khomeini’s personal orders and edict.

In another part of the letter, Montazeri states, “The number of prisoners is so many that they pack five persons in a single solitary cell under inhuman conditions. They are not even accommodated to pray. One of the religious judges said chaos and arbitrary measures by interrogators are truly a cause of concern.”