Iran: Women’s veil, sign of national independence – cleric

“Inside one’s car is not a private space; it is a public space and if an improperly veiled or –God forbid—an unveiled woman were inside, it would hurt the public atmosphere,” so said, mullah Movahhedi Kermani, Tehran’s Friday Prayer leader, on Friday this week.

Kermani concluded, “Therefore, the State Security Force must deal with these people, decisively.”

He added, “The issue of Hijab is a very crucial issue tied to our religion, politics and independence. When the world sees that the veil (Hijab) is observed in Iran, they conclude that they cannot harm this people and country… But, if God Forbid, they see that people go round without the Hijab, or if there is a situation in a car similar to dropping the veil, the conclusion would be different.” (The state-run ISNA news agency – July 14, 2017)