Iran: Female nurses and nursing students stage nationwide protests

The nursing community in Iran launched protests on August 6, 2017, in a number of cities across the country. Women nurses actively participated in these protests and insisted on their demands.  (See the photo gallery)

In the Tehran gathering in front of the Ministry of Health, protestors chanted, “Hospital is not a place for experimentation”, “do not decide without me about my future”, “disregard for nursing disregards social health.

” They demanded termination of the nurses training program in hospitals and in non-academic ways.

Nursing students and nurses held similar protest gatherings in Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahwaz and Bojnourd.

In Isfahan, students formed a human chain around the nursing school. More than 200 students from the nursing schools of Isfahan, Khorasgan, Najafabad and Falavarjan participated in this move.

A university professor attended the nurses’ gathering in Bojnourd said, “Since nurses protect the lives of patients, the implementation of the (hospital training) plan will take back the field of nursing for about 50 years.”