Iran: Tehran U student, Leila Hosseinzadeh, to be jailed 6 years

A young woman, student of Tehran University, was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

Leila Hosseinzadeh, Anthropology student of Tehran University, was sentenced to six years in jail – five years for assembly and collusion and one year for propaganda against the state. She was also banned from leaving the country for two years.

Ms. Hosseinzadeh had ben arrested during the uprising in January 2018 for participating in the protests on Tehran University campus. She was temporarily released after a few weeks on bail.

Hundreds of women were arrested during and after the nationwide protests and uprising in Iran in January 2018.

Banafsheh Cheraghi, student of Sciences at Tehran University, was arrested at home on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, by security forces.

Before her, Parisa Rafii, student of photograph at Tehran University, was also arrested by plainclothes agents as she was leaving the school on February 25, 2018. The efforts of her family and lawyer to find information on her place of detention and reason of arrest proved to be futile.