Iran: Women’s angry protests against corrupt financial institutes

Women continue to actively participate in protests against corruption of financial institutes and plunder of people’s funds.

A group of women plundered by the Caspian Credit Institute in Rasht, gathered outside the Sarparsti branch on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, and demanded return of their funds. The angry women cried out slogans and demanded their money back.

Men and women plundered by Caspian also had a protest gathering in Tehran outside the Central Bank on Monday, May 14, 2018.

On the same day, plundered men and women staged a similar protest in Vakilabad Blvd. of Mashhad, protesting pilfering of their assets by Caspian Institute. They also chanted slogans against Seif, president of the Central Bank of Iran.

Plundered clients of Caspian Credit Institute, including a considerable number of women, have been protesting since more than a year ago, in an effort to get back their funds but the authorities have not taken any serious action to solve their problem.