Ma’edeh Shabani-Nejad remains in detention without legal warrant

Ma’edeh Shabani-Nejad, 15, who was arrested in January for writing nationalistic and epical poetry in Arabic, remains in detention in Sepidar Prison of Ahwaz, southwestern Iran, because her family does not afford to pay the 350million-touman bail set for her release.

Born in 2002, Ma’edeh Shabani-Nejad (Amouri) is a freshman at Reyhaneh High School in Abadan and is a brilliant student. She writes and publishes them on social media.

The first time, Ms. Shabani was arrested was on October 17, 2017, when she was freed on bail after completion of her interrogations.

The second time, she was arrested in her uncle’s house in Ahwaz on January 25, 2018, by the IRGC’s Department of Intelligence and transferred to the IRGC detention center.

It was reported in late April that she has suffered GI hemorrhage and stomach ache under interrogation.