Women lead this movement, pose greatest threat to Tehran regime

Frances Townsend

Former assistant to the US President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

Text of remarks at Free Iran – The Alternative, gathering

Villepinte, Paris – June 30, 2018

You know, I look out and I see all the amazing women here who are part of the movement led by the very inspiring Mrs. Rajavi. Thank you for having me here. Thank you for inviting me to come back and join you.

You know, history tells us that women have led this resistance and at all levels of the NCRI, women have led this movement, and we see that continuing today in the streets of Tehran where women are refusing the mullahs’ directive to wear the veil despite being hurt. They are defying the mullahs, and they continue to need your support to do that.

Women will continue to lead this movement and it is among the greatest threats to the current regime. And for a moment let me just say this to the young women. Mrs. Rajavi and her remarks spoke about the roses.

The young women in the audience today, your mothers, your grandmothers have led this fight; you are the roses of the future that will lead us to a free Iran.

I could not help but be inspired by seeing the Ashraf 3 women on the screen today speak to us from there.

To them we say, we are proud of your courage, we are inspired by your courage and women will continue to lead the way and fight for you and fight for the women in Tehran.