We are with you in respecting women’s rights and human dignity

Nejat al-Astal

Member of Parliament from Palestine

Text of remarks at Free Iran – The Alternative, gathering

Villepinte, Paris – June 30, 2018


President Maryam Rajavi,

Sisters and brothers, members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK),

Dear participants, distinguished guests,

On behalf of the people of Palestine and in the name of the wounded Qods, I salute you.

I would like to praise your important role in restoring human rights and dignity, and the rights of women and democracy, and your role in struggling for (the rights of) women, children, and the people of Iran.

We are with you in respecting all the principles of the United Nations and human rights, women’s rights, and democracy, in restoring human dignity, and in your support for those principles and upholding them as the foundations of your struggle.

You are well informed that we are presently going through extremely difficult conditions in Palestine where the rights of the people of Palestine are consistently violated, indisputable rights which have been endorsed by international bodies and circles.

You are aware that the Iranian regime’s meddling in the Palestinian affairs have had grossly adverse impact on reconciliation in Palestine and in ending sectarian discord. The regime’s meddling in many Arab countries has exacerbated conflicts in those countries giving the upper hand to sectarianism over popular sovereignty and democracy.

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