Volunteer medical science students hold protest to demand their rights

Volunteer medical science students of the Azad University of Medical Sciences held a protest in front of the regime’s parliament in Tehran, against the uncertainty of their situation, demanding determination of their status.

A large number of volunteer medical science students rose once again on Sunday, January 20, 2019, to demand their rights. This has been one of several protests they have held over the past four months.

One of the volunteer medical science students attending the protest rally said, “The head of the Azad University has left us wandering for more than four months with false promises. The Azad University has received over ten million toumans from 4,000 students but has explicitly refused to accept them.”

Another volunteer medical science students said, “We paid several million toumans for tuition to study in our favorite field. The head of the university cannot play with our destiny.” (The state-run ISNA news agency – January 20, 2019)

In another event on Sunday, January 20, 2019, a group of defrauded clients of the Shandiz Padideh Institute gathered in front of the Interior Ministry building in Tehran to demand their rights and the return of their assets.

volunteer medical science students

On the same day, a large group of buyers of registered vehicles from the Saipa and Iran Khodro automobile companies gathered in front of the parliament in Tehran, in protest to the high prices of the vehicles, lack of delivery of their purchased cars, and the failure to respond to their demands.

Workers from Iran’s various factories and workshops marched in protest in Tehran’s Enghelab Avenue on January 19, 2019.

In another event on the same day, students of the Razi University in Kermanshah protested against the university’s low quality food and lined up their food trays on the ground.

On Friday, January 18, 2019, a group of people of Sistan and Baluchestan Province gathered on the Noor Bridge, five kilometers from the Zabol to Zahedan Road, and protested against the lack of completion of the Zabol to Zahedan Highway project.