Works extensively with Iranian women outside the country and maintains a permanent contact with women inside Iran. The Women’s Committee is actively involved with many women's rights organizations and NGO's and the Iranian diaspora. The committee is a major source of much of the information received from inside Iran with regards to women. Attending UN Human Rights Commission meetings and other international or regional conferences on women’s issues, and engaging in a relentless battle against the Iranian regime's misogyny are part of the activities of members and associates of the committee.

Over 100 pre-school teachers staged a protest on Monday, July 10, 2017, in front of the Governor’s Office in Yasouj, capital of southwestern province of Kohgilouyeh va Boyer Ahmad.

The protest was against their employment conditions, low salaries and lack of insurance.  

One of the participants in this protest said, “We work for one month and receive a salary between 300 to 450 thousand toumans ($80-125) with no insurance or any other benefits.” (The state-run ILNA news agency, July 11, 2017)

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