Works extensively with Iranian women outside the country and maintains a permanent contact with women inside Iran. The Women’s Committee is actively involved with many women's rights organizations and NGO's and the Iranian diaspora. The committee is a major source of much of the information received from inside Iran with regards to women. Attending UN Human Rights Commission meetings and other international or regional conferences on women’s issues, and engaging in a relentless battle against the Iranian regime's misogyny are part of the activities of members and associates of the committee.


NCRI - December 02, 2013 - The Iranian regime is launching a tough new clampdown on 'improperly veiled' women in 200 towns and cities across the regime. It is the latest in a series of increasingly draconian restrictions of basic human rights under Hassan Rouhani's new 'moderate' rule.

Rouhani pledged during election campaign speeches that he 'would not allow any agent to question anyone in the street' and that 'girls should feel secure'. But only four months later, the Headquarters for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has announced improperly dressed women will be issued with official warning.

 NCRI - November 24, 2013 - The Iranian regime's henchmen hanged six prisoners including two women in the central prison of the city of Yazd on Thursday, November 23.

The mullahs judiciary announced on Saturday that the victims had been sentenced to death for drug related charges.Based on reports received from Iran, another prisoner was also hanged on Saturday in the central prison of Zahedan.

NCRI - November 11, 2013 - Iran under mullahs' rule has been ranked a lowly 130th in a new international survey of gender equality in society. The regime was placed almost bottom out of the 136 nations assessed in the 2013 Global Gender Gap report by the World Economic Forum.

The study measures the access and opportunities for women in four key areas of health, education, economics and politics. At the top of the table were the northern European nations of Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

NCRI - October 25, 2013 - The spokesman for Iran's House of Music has been sacked for calling for an end to the 34-year ban on women singing in the regime.

Dariush Pir-Niakan was fired on October 22 after saying: "The main demand of the House of Music is for women’s voices to be broadcast. For 34 years now, this has been missing from the musical arena. Music is still considered taboo here."

NCRI - October 11, 2013 - The Iranian regime's Council of Guardians approved the bill which allows men to marry adopted daughters.

The 12 member unelected Guardian Council, made up of six clerics and six jurists, examines all bills in reference to the mullahs' constitution.

NCRI - September 30, 2013 - A young woman was hanged on Sunday, September 29 in the city of Mashhad in Iran.
In the past few days, at least 5 women have been executed in different cities across the country.

Most of these women are accused of drug related charges.

NCRI - September 22, 2013 - A senior cleric in Iran urged much tougher measures and restriction to be imposed on women in streets, universities and state institutions.

Speaking in Tehran's weekly so-called Friday Prayers, Ali Jannati urged the authorities to check female students clothing at the university gates and to grade students based on their clothing.

NCRI - September 14, 2013 - The head of the Iranian regime's police force, Brigadier General Esmael Ahmadi Moghadam, has ordered its forces to “intensify dealing with women who do have dressed improperly.”

State-run Mehr news agency reported that “the police have taken special measures including increasing vigor and crackdown in busy centers of Tehran to implement this command.”

NCRI - August 27, 2013 - Iran's Allameh Tabatabai University will become fully gender-segregated for the new academic year as rulers step up their policy of single sex higher education across the regime.

The university's dean Shariati told the state-run Mehr news agency that all classes would now be segregated to prevent men and women being educated together.

NCRI - August 24, 2013 - A senior Iranian cleric has restated the regime's draconian stance that mixed-gender universities are 'harmful'.

Isfahan Friday preacher Seyed Yousif Tabatabai told the Central Council meeting at the Islamic Private University: "There is no doubt that with mixed-gender, Islamic behaviors are not practiced. Our society need only religion, and even Ph.D. certificates are useless."