Our Projects to support the struggle of Iranian women

In memory of the brave women who laid down their lives for democracy and freedom in Iran

On the anniversary of the Iranian people’s uprising in 2022-2023, let us remember the brave young souls and the women and girls who laid down their lives to realize a future-free Iran devoid of dictators.

Support the ongoing struggle of Iranian women and girls for freedom and democracy.

#IranRevolution #IranRegimeChange

Nika Shakarami
Mahsa Amini
Sarina Esmailzadeh
Narges Khorrami Fard
Ayda Rostami
Maryam Arvin

Campaigns to support women leading Iran protests 2022

Women of Iran protests 2022-2-min

As protests are sweeping across Iran, the Iranian authorities have knowingly decided to harm or kill people who took to the streets to express their anger at decades of repression and injustice. Iranian women who are at the forefront, leading and inspiring the protests are among the regime’s main targets.

At least 80 women, mostly young and including four 7 or 8-year-old girls, have been killed by the Iranian security forces since the outbreak of the new round of protests in Iran.

We campaign to muster support for the brave women of Iran in their quest for freedom and equality.

Women fallen for freedom in Iran protests 2022-

Campaign to save Iran protesters 2019

Campaigns to stop the persecution of thousands of Iranian women who brave all dangers to participate in Iran protests for freedom, justice, and equality, and to convey their voice to the international community. This is one of the most crucial campaigns in support of the struggle of Iranian women.



Call for Justice campaigns

Some 30,000 political prisoners were massacred in Iran in the summer of 1988. Among them were thousands of women members or supporters of the PMOI/MEK.

The Call to justice campaigns for victims of forced disappearances and arbitrary executions in Iran from 1988 to date. We convey the voice of the mothers and families of victims of the 1988 massacre, the November 2019 uprising, political prisoners and other victims of arbitrary executions. They call on the international community to prosecute the leaders of the clerical regime, who are among the perpetrators and masterminds of these massacres, and end their impunity.

#1988massacre #ProsecuteRaisiNow

Massacre of political prisoners

Campaigns to support female political prisoners and stop the death penalty

The NCRI Women’s Committee actively sponsors and participates in activities to stop the death penalty.

Our projects and campaigns to stop the death penalty and support women political prisoners in Iran.

The NCRI Women’s Committee actively sponsors and participates in activities to stop the death penalty in Iran.


Campaign to secure release of political prisoners

Another major project sponsored by the NCRI Women’s Committee to support the struggle of Iranian women is to save the lives of political prisoners in Iran. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, the committee monitors the conditions of female political prisoners who are not only deprived of their needed medical treatment as a way of torture and gradual killing but exposed to the virus in overcrowded and plagued dungeons.


Free Political prisoners_EN

Campaign to Support Iran Angels

Nurses make up one of the most oppressed women in Iran as demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic. They are not regularly paid despite working overtime and round the clock since the outbreak of the pandemic. The clerical regime officials say more than 100,000 nurses have been infected with the virus, and 100s have died of COVID-19.

Shedding light on the situation of nurses and getting support for them is one of our major projects.


Campaign to support Iran angels

 Research and Documentations


Publications and Periodicals

The NCRI Women’s Committee constantly monitors and surveys the various areas of violation of women’s rights and relevant international conventions by Iran’s fundamentalist regime. By doing so, the NCRI Women’s Committee garners support for the struggle of Iranian women for equality and freedom.

Discrimination against women is institutionalized in the regime’s laws and enforced in practice, the numerous agencies in charge of suppression of women, systematic clamp down on women with the pretext of enforcing the compulsory veil, extrajudicial arrests and torture of women who defend human, women, children, and other civil rights, conditions of political prisoners, child marriages and widespread illiteracy and destitution of Iranian women, the leading role of women in protest demonstrations, etc. are subjects of constant monitoring and study.

The NCRI Women’s Committee regularly publishes articles, pamphlets, monthly bulletins, and annual reports to provide a factual basis for the study and a realistic evaluation of the Iranian women’s struggle for equality.

Women Force for Change Magazines

“Women Force for Change” is the name of a magazine published every year by the NCRI Women’s Committee on International Women’s Day, presenting the latest positions and views of the Iranian Resistance on the issue of women and women’s struggle in Iran as well as the views of the international supporter of the movement from around the world as another one of our projects.


The NCRI Women’s Committee also produces podcasts. Every two weeks, the committee’s staff focus on the latest developments concerning the situation of women in Iran.

Memoirs from Prison

One of the most glorious parts of the history of Iranian women’s struggle has been their resistance in prison, in the past and present.

The NCRI Women’s Committee endeavors to collect and compile the memoirs of former political prisoners and publish them in the form of books or single articles on the website. As one of our projects, the Committee does its best to pay tribute to tens of thousands of Iranian women who made the ultimate sacrifice to realize their own equality and their people’s freedom.

PMOI women – PMOI political prisoners in Iran – cage – torture in Iranian prisons – torture of PMOI women – female political prisoners

Conferences and Exhibitions

  • Holding conferences including on the International Women’s Day
  • Holding Exhibitions on the plight of Iranian women
  • Participating in international conferences to inform the world’s public opinion on the situation of women in Iran, drawing attention to their conditions and attracting support for their movement
Crucial role of Iranian women in struggle to free Iran
WD 2022 – International solidarity with the women of Iran, Ukraine
conference 1 Auvers-sur-Oise
conference 4 Tirana
conference 12 Brussels

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