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Rural women in Iran are “forgotten” human beings under the mullahs

The life of Iran’s rural women does not comply with any humane, let alone, international standards. They  in Iran are “forgotten” human beings who are deprived of the most basic requirements of a decent life.

The general director of Women and Family Affairs in the Central Province’s Governorate, Zahra Faraji, described the situation of rural women as “disorganized.” She acknowledged that although rural women do not enjoy any resources or opportunities, “The issue of occupation of rural women and girls has not been defined in any of the government plans and programs.”

Lack of access to infrastructures

In a country, rich in natural resources, many Iranian villagers do not have access to water even brought by tankers or drawn from wells.

One of the greatest infrastructural problems of  women is their lack of access to clean and adequate water. Chabahar is one of the cities of the underprivileged province of Sistan and Baluchistan in southeastern Iran. Their water is provided by worn out tankers that bring them unsanitary and unclean water with long delays and in small amounts.


Health problems are rampant in villages. There are no public baths or toilets.

The government does not solve any logistical problems for rural inhabitants and makes the situation even worse by implementing projects detrimental to the villages’ health and hygiene.

Absence of medical centers

Iranian villages generally do not have any medical clinics or doctors. This condition is a constant jeopardy to the lives of  women who live in unsafe and unsanitary environments.

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