NCRI Women’s Committee Monthly Report – July 2014

NCRI Women’s Committee Monthly Report – July 2014

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The month of July was a month of increased pressure on women as a result as gender segregation and the clampdown on women under the pretext of “bad hijab” became the main topic covered by the media.

New patrols and police were established to harass women and young girls particularly in the hot summer weather and in the month of Ramadan where the Iranian regime tried to systematically limit the youths’ recreational activities such as banning women from entering volleyball matches or watching the World Cup games in mixed environments.

According to a report, one of the reasons to mal-veiling was recognized as following daily fashion trends or is the use of satellite television and Facebook. Therefore the solutions proposed by the repressive forces included: banning the use of satellite television networks, mandatory hijab in public and in social areas and having agents of the Guidance (Ershad) police confronting all cases.

But most shocking of all was news of over 30,000 girls aged 15 and under who became child brides in the last year alone. These are statistics of registered marriages declared by the Iranian regime itself for the past nine months, leaving one to think what the rate of unregistered could really have been.

Systematic violations of the right to life
Executions, arbitrary killings, deaths in custody, and death sentences

Ten prisoners were executed including four women in the holy month of Ramadan. The four women were hanged in the main prison of the city of Birjand (eastern Iran). The individuals were charged with possessing and transporting narcotics yet there is no information of their names.

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