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The girl child in Iran is the most innocent victim of the mullahs

Being a woman and a child, makes the girl child in Iran the most vulnerable under the misogynist rule of the mullahs since the rights of women and children are neither protected nor promoted in Iran.
The bill on the rights of children has been stalled in the parliament for years, just as the bill on violence against women was stalled for eight years, before being totally overhauled.
The bill to increase the age of marriage for the girl child in Iran was rejected in December 2018 by the Legal and Judicial Committee of the parliament for containing “religious and social deficiencies” and for contradicting “the teachings of Islam.”
The Iranian Constitution sets 9 the legal age of criminal accountability for the girl child in Iran and the mandatory dress code forces her to cover her hair since the first day of school at age 6.
At least a quarter of Iranian students are forced to quit school every year, a large number of whom join the estimated 3 to 7 million child laborers. Drop-out of girl children, 6 years and older, is widespread particularly in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchestan, Khuzestan, Western Azerbaijan, and Eastern Azerbaijan.
The girl child in Iran is also victim of substandard structures of schools and unsafe transportation in light of the irresponsible approach of education officials and staff. Every year, a number of young girls lose their lives while on the road to school, under a collapsed wall or ceiling, or in fire. Unsafe heating systems have also caused repeated poisoning of students.
Institutionalized in the clerical regime’s laws, the legal age of marriage for the girl child in Iran is 13 years, and she can be given to marriage even younger if the father and a judge decide that she is mature enough. Therefore, the rate of forced marriage of the girl child in Iran is rapidly growing.

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