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Forced hijab, main tool of Iran’s misogynist rulers to suppress women

For thousands of years in Iran, women’s clothing and covering was a matter of personal choice, a social issue that was never deemed as a privilege. The past century, however, saw Iranian dictators and specifically the mullahs’ regime transforming this issue into a leverage for oppressing women through imposing the forced hijab.

Enforcing the mandatory veil for women is another excuse for the regime to use violence and coercion against the people of Iran.

Contrary to all teachings of Islam, the mullahs’ misogynous dictatorship has institutionalized the compulsory veil for women in the country’s Constitution and other legal codes. A network of 26 agencies and ministries are in charge of enforcing the veil for Iranian women.

Suppression of women under the pretext of failure to observe the forced hijab is one of the regime’s most effective tools to create an atmosphere of repression in society and silence any voice of dissent. In recent years, a considerable number of women have been imprisoned in Evin and Qarchak prisons and handed down heavy sentences for their opposition to forced hijab.

Many female athletes have been expelled from the national team or their professional sports, or forced to leave the country for refusing to observe the forced hijab.

The Office of Cultural Studies of the Research Center of Majlis (the mullahs’ parliament) published a special report on July 28, 2018, stipulating that only 35 percent of Iranian women value the forced hijab (Chador), and nearly 70 percent of women either do not believe in it or are among “the improperly veiled” and protest the compulsory veil in Iran.

In the post-mullahs Iran, women are free to choose their clothing and covering, and the law on the mandatory veil will be totally abolished.

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