Forbidden fields for Iranian women under Iranian regime’s laws

State-run Khabar online July 2012

This year, 36 different universities in Iran, are banning any female student to enroll in several fields of study. Such fields of study were open to all students, male and female last year but a ban has been implemented for the entry of the female students to those fields this year…

Among the banned fields for females are: Archaeology, Tips and Advice, General Psychology, Geography, Urban Planning, Geography and Rural Planning, Geomorphology, Geography and Tourism Planning, Business Management, Tourism Management, Statistics and Applications, Applications of Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering Mechanics two trends, the mechanization of agriculture and water resource technology plant, Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Technology Associate, Plant Biology and Sciences.

Names of Universities and fields forbidden to women:

Arak University: English Language and Literature, Education, Education Technology Trends, Computer Science, Chemical engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering Mechanics Orientation, Materials Engineering, Metallurgy Industry Trends and Pure Chemistry

Orumieh University: Mining Engineering, Trends in Agricultural Engineering Mechanics

Isfahan University: Political Science, Accounting, Business Administration, Public Management, Industrial Management, Electrical Engineering Power Orientation, Civil engineering, In Mechanical Engineering, Railway Engineering, English Translation

University of Ilam: Trends in Agricultural Engineering Mechanics

University of Lorestan: History, Geomorphology. Accounting, Climatology, Electrical Engineering, Civil engineering, Agricultural Engineering, water Orientation, Mining Engineering, Veterinary, Veterinary Technician, 5 Trends in agricultural engineering, 2 Trends in Natural Resources Engineering and Geology.

Ardebili University: Archaeology, Tips and advice, General Psychology, Geography and Urban Planning, Geography and Rural Planning, Geomorphology, Geography and Tourism Planning, Business Administration, Tourism management, Statistics and Applications, Mathematics and Applications, Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electrical Power Engineering, Civil engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, 2 Trends in Agricultural Engineering Mechanics, Agricultural Mechanization and water, Technology Resource Herbal Products, Associate of General Studies and Science Technology and Pasture and Vegetation.

Bu-Ali Sina University of Hamedan: Agricultural Engineering and Animal Sciences, Geology, Agricultural Engineering Mechanics orientation and Archeology.

Birjand University: Electrical engineering power orientation, Mining Engineering, Associate irrigation technology, Electrical Technician, and Bachelor of Animal Production Technology.

Qazvin’s International University: Law, Persian Language and Literature, Political Science, Industrial Management, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings, Electrical Engineering Control Orientation, Urban Planning, Mining Engineering, Architectural Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Materials engineering, Metallurgy Industry Trends, Geology, English Translation, and English language teaching.

Shahid Rajaii University in Tehran: Electrical Engineering in Electronics Trends, Electrical Engineering Power Orientation, Civil Engineering, Surveying Trends. Mechanical Engineering Major installations for Heating and Cooling, Trends in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacture, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Trend in Mechanical Engineering, Solid Mechanics in Mechanical Engineering Major, Materials Engineering, Metallurgy Industry Trends and Wood and Paper Engineering.

Tehran University: Mining Engineering, Orientation of Forestry and Natural Resources Engineering.

Persian Gulf University of Bushehr: Marine Engineering Shipyard Orientation, Industrial Engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Kharrazmi University in Tehran: Civil Engineering

Chabahar University of Sailing and Marine Science: Contacts and marine electronics

Kermanshah’s Razi University: Industrial Engineering, Agricultural Engineering Mechanics orientation

University of Semnan: Major Range and Watershed Natural Resources Engineering

Sistan and Balochistan University: Handicrafts, Expert Carpeting, Restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings, Mining Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Metallurgy Industry Trends.

Kerman’s Bahonar University: Mining Engineering. Agricultural Engineering Mechanics Orientation and Geology.

Oil Industry University: Accounting, Business Administration, Industrial Management, Safety Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Chemical Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.

Golestan University: Geology, Geomorphology, Statistics and Applications, Physics and Electrical Engineering Control Orientation.

Isfahan University of Techonlogy: Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Major agricultural Water Orientation, Agricultural Engineering Animal Sciences, and Major Range and Watershed Natural Resources Engineering.

Jondi Shahpour University of Technology: Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings, Civil Engineering and mechanical Engineering.

Amir Kabir University: Meat Inspection

Tabriz’s Sahand University of Technology: Mining Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy of Engineering Materials and Metallurgy Industry Trends.

Islamic Arts University of Tabriz: Associate of Applied Science of Hand Woven Carpeting.

Hormozgan University: Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy Water Orientation.

Malayer University: Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering of Animal Sciences, Land and Watershed Natural Resources Engineering.

University of Technology in Qom: Electrical engineering, Polymer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Physics Engineering.

Alameh Tabatabai University: Guidance and Advice, Social Science Research in Social Trends, Social Work, Accounting, Industrial Management and Hotel Management.

Yasouj University: Applied Chemistry, Polymer Engineering, Civil Engineering Technician and Mechanical Technician.

University of Technology in Birjand: Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering.

University of Yazd: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Metallurgy Industry Trends.

Iran’s Science and Technology University: Engineering and Railway Construction and Railway Machinery Engineering.

University of Qom: Economic Trends of Business Economics, Industrial Engineering. Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

University of Kashan: Mining Engineering

As Part of Washington Post report on Maryam Mirzakhani, the first Persian woman to win the top Math award, it has been mentioned that the number of the Iranian students enrolled in graduate studies at US University is on the rise. In its report, Washington Post adds that although about 60% of participants in post graduate studies in Iran is comprised of female students, but thy have a lesser chance of admission, comparing to their male counterparts. According to the report, in 2012, 36 universities banned the entry of female participants in 77 fields of studies, including Petroleum Engineering and Nuclear engineering.

According to government reports, since 2011 and beyond, more female students have enrolled in universities, Washington Post adds.