Iran: State media confess to rape of girl child laborers

“We are going to prove that 90 per cent of child laborers get raped.”

This was said by the executive director of the Organization of Social Services in Tehran’s Municipality following a research done on 400 child laborers.

The state-run published a report run by the official Iran newspaper which included some painful examples of sexual assault on deprived girl children and child laborers. The same story was also reported by the state-run website.

The report narrates the stories of girl children who are assaulted and raped since very young age due to poverty and addiction of their parents.

The report also cites Elham Fakhari, member of Tehran’s City Council, as saying that “sexual abuse is the greatest ailment among young scavenger children.”

One of the characters in this report is Rana, 19, who has been engaged in dangerous and harmful jobs such as making spare parts for cars and working with acid since she was 11. Rana’s father is an addict and used to sexually assault her four daughters. The girls were also victimized by other men in the community. (The state-run – November 8, 2017)

The Iranian regime’s officials have admitted that at least 42 million of the 80-million strong population of Iran live below the poverty line and 30 million are hungry. 80 per cent of wage earners live under the poverty line. The growing number of child laborers, prostitution and addiction, as well as sexual abuse of children are but part of the consequences of the policies of the mullahs’ religious dictatorship that spends Iranian people’s wealth on domestic suppression and on belligerence and meddling in other countries.